Saturday, 24 September 2011

Does my motherboard supports the Intel core 2 quad?

I have a hp pavilion s3260in PC.

It has an ASUS IPILP-AR motherboard.

Motherboard chipset: Intel i945G.

I am using an Intel Core 2 duo e4500 processor.

I want to change my processor to intel core 2 quad.

Does my motherboard support the intel core 2 quad processor?

Or will i have to buy a new mother board? if yes then please tell me some cheap compatible motheroard.

Also I Want to add an ATI Hd Radeon 4870 Graphics card, can i use the card on my existing motherboard.

How much power do i need to run all these components ( quad core processor, hd 4870 GPU, DVD drive, 300 GB Hitachi hard disk)

Thanks in advance
Does my motherboard supports the Intel core 2 quad?
Since the Core 2 Duo and the Core 2 Quad are the same motherboard socket, your motherboard will support the Quad. To run all those components, the Power Supply Calculator (assuming you have a normal 4GB of RAM) says you would need approximately 500watts. You can easily get a 500watt power supply for rather cheap, like one of these from鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

Both will suit your needs well, but won't give much room for upgrades later. If you plan on Crossfiring your 4870's at some point (slightly over 700watts, want 750+), you'll need something like this one:鈥?/a>

Hope this helps, good luck!

PSU Calculator:鈥?/a>
Does my motherboard supports the Intel core 2 quad?
Won't take a Quad core, max is E6700 (2.66 GHz) with Dual Core technology (Conroe core)

Can the HP system and build a total new system. You'll need a new motherboard and memory anyway.

Just because its the same socket doesn't mean it will take a Quad core, you must check the specs of the motherboard.

See source below for this motherboard.
Best way would be to goto intel's website. and click on the desired processor you want. They have a list there of the supported motherboards.
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No, you can't use a quad core. A quad will fit the socket, LGA775, but it wouldn't have BIOS support from HP. Without the proper BIOS for it, either it won't work properly or it won't work at all.

Supports the following processors:

Core 2 Duo E6000 series up to E6700 (2.66 GHz) with Dual Core technology (Conroe core)

Core 2 Duo E4000 series up to E4300 (1.8 GHz) with Dual Core technology (Conroe core)

Celeron D 300 series rev D-0 up to 360 (3.46 GHz) (Cedar Mill core) >

Due to the size of your systems case (Slimline = slim tower), it has very limited internal space available for a graphics card. You can only use a low power, low profile graphics card, the HD 4870 won't fit. It also uses a TFX power supply that is small but long, an uncommon form factor that usually has a power rating of 300W or less, insufficient for the power requirements of an HD 4870 even if the card could fit, which it can't. >

Upgrade options for that form factor power supply are almost non-existant.

The only practical option you have would be to buy another case, any ATX, from miniATX to ATX that supports a microATX motherboard (yours), and transfer your systems components to the new case for the additional room you'll need for the card you want and an ATX power supply (very common size) that will meet or exceed the power requirements of the HD 4870. Another option would be to buy another system of the ATX variety that has the internal space needed for the card and also has an ATX power supply that can be easily upgraded.

Unfortunately, slim tower and all in ones have extremely limited upgrade potential.
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