Thursday, 15 September 2011

How do I change my laptop processor?

I recently bought a laptop with an AMD Turion X2 TL-60 Processor...I don't like the way it runs. I want to buy an Intel Core 2 Duo and replace it. Is that possible? If so, how do I do it?

Thank you soooo much for you help!!!!
How do I change my laptop processor?
Chances are you can't. Give us the details on your laptop such as Brand and Model.

There are more things to worry about than being careful of the socket type.

You have to see what your laptop motherboard can support.

Most laptops don't support processor upgrades and the same goes for GPU's.
How do I change my laptop processor?
Buy a new laptop.

The Core 2 Duo can not be used in a laptop that is designed to use the Turion (they use a different socket, Intel uses 478 pin sockets (Socket M and Socket P, both of which are incompatible with each other and the older Socket 478 for desktops) for their mobile processors while AMD uses a 638 pin socket called S1).

You might not have enough RAM or have integrated graphics which can't handle games, either way upgrading the processor probably won't help you (it doesn't actually have as much effect on performance as most people think it does).

You might be able to upgrade to a faster Turion if the processor actually is socketed and you have a BIOS that will let you use it (which usually means that the model you've got was also available with that processor and you have the latest BIOS, otherwise it's unlikely to let you use a different processor). Upgrading processors on laptops even when they are socketed is very rarely worth doing.
No thats impossible thats a AMD socket to run Core 2 Duo you need a LGA 775 which is intell so buy a Processor that runs on you socket type. oh i reseached that CPU a little seems like its only on laptops and pretty sure you cannot remove it because it is integrated on the mother board. thats why I have a Desktop PC I can modify it anyway I so choose.

actually I built it the way I wanted it to be so yea... you cant change your CPU sorry.
First, you cannot swap out AMDs for Intels.

Secondly, I can't think of a single laptops that allow for processor upgrades. I looked into this for an acer that I had and it was a no go.

You want a faster processor? Buy a new laptop. Harsh reality.
Well you cant do it on your own, thats for sure. Also you need to ask if your laptop is compatible to upgrade. Why dont you go to the store where you wanna buy the Intel Duo and ask .They might be able to help you replace it.
What you mean you don't like the way it runs? They both are literally identical in speed. You might have some unwanted programs like anti-virus software loading up when you start you laptop which making it sluggish,.
make sure it has the same socket type or it won't fit. Next buy the CPU from Newegg or tigerdirect. both are very reliable sites and take returns with little question or difficulty.
I would recommend taking it in. In laptops it is much harder and who knows if its possible.
No. AMD %26amp; Intel use different socket types.